Lev Ingel has authored more than 200 papers for scientific journals on topics of meteorology, geophysics, hydrodynamics, astrophysics, quantum electronics, and related subjects. His papers were published in Russian and English journals including “Izvestiya, Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics”, “Dynamics of Atmospheres and Ocean”, “J. Fluid. Mech.”, “Oceanology”, “Fluid Dynamics”, “Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics”, “Physics–Uspekhi”, “Doklady, Earth Sciences”, “Technical Physics”, “Izvestiya, Physics of the Solid Earth”, “Rus. Meteorol. and Hydrol.”, “J. Eng. Physics and Thermophysics”. He is the owner of 5 copyrights in weather modification.

Lev was born into the family of a construction engineer on May 15, 1946 in Nizhny Tagil (USSR). His hobbies include modern history and politics, and hiking in Russian forests.

Academic degrees

  • 1998 — Doctorate in physics and mathematics (specialty in Physics of Atmosphere and Hydrosphere), Hydrometeo Centre, Moscow
  • 1979 — PhD (specialty in Geophysics), Institute of Experimental Meteorology, Obninsk


  • 1975-present — Researcher, Head of Laboratory, Institute of Experimental Meteorology, Obninsk
  • 1973-75 — Engineer, Institute of Experimental Meteorology, Obninsk
  • 1969-73 — Engineer, Institute “Salute”, Gorky


  • 2011 — P.L. Chebyshev award for investigations in peculiarities of marine water hydrodynamics
  • 2008 — A.L. Chizhevsky Regional Laureate Award on investigations in seismic manifestations of atmospheric processes